High Pressure Manifolds KDL

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Used for connection, infusion and pathway switching in pressure monitoring tubing during intervention surgery.

Product Structure

Manifold is composed of span connector, switch, multicenter value. The raw materials are POM, PC.

Product Type

Two ports, three ports, four ports.

Application Scope

The product is used in percutaneous angioplasty operation. It’s main purpose is to build multi-passages for pressure monitor, angiography liquor and heparinize physiological saltwater and so on.

Instruction for use

1) Open the package, take out the device, and check it is undamaged.

2) Connect with other devices, such as pressure monitoring tubing, angiography syringe and so on.

3) Control the passengers by rotating switch.


Type I
1.Pressure rating up to 500psi (34bar)
2.Smooth rotation with low torque
3.Handle color customization and built-in-logo on the manifold housing is available

Type II
1.TPE-over-molding provides soft touch handle
2.Pressure rating up to 500psi (34bar)
3.Smooth rotation with extended handle and low torque
4.Handle color customization is available


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