OrbusNeich este o companie globala care creaza, dezvolta, produce si distribuie
produse medicale inovative pentru tratamentul bolilor vasculare.

Printr-un portofoliu extins de stenturi si baloane de inalta performanta
OrbusNeich ofera solutii dovedite de lumea cardiologilor interventionisti.


The Combo Dual Therapy Stent (DTS) not only control neo-intimal proliferation but also accelerates endothelial coverage, helping you achieve the goal of stenting an open, stable, healed artery


OPEN: abluminal sirolimus elution to control neo-intimal proliferation
STABLE : full and complete polymer degradation by 3 months to minimize inflammation
HEALED: EPC capture for accelerated endothelial coverage



Coronary dilatation catheter



Non-compliant balloon



Scoreflex Dual wire balloon



Cobalt Chromium Stent